Florence, Via Toscanini – Via Respighi

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Florence, Via Toscanini – Via Respighi

Thanks to the relationship of trust established with the bank, we were the first to be issued loans at a rate of less than 10%

A considerable family-owned real estate asset, consisting of four buildings with a total of approximately 100 apartments – for the most part occupied – in addition to garage space, seemed to be impossible to sell due to the large number of mortgages that burdened it and the difficulties of the market.

Overcoming the concerns of local operators, disheartened by the failure of previous sales attempts, Pria intervened by providing the appropriate collateral and, with an aggressive sales campaign, enabled the property to maximise its revenue very quickly, resulting in the total cancellation of its debts and the maintenance of considerable extra liquid assets.

When managing the mandate, in order to optimise the marketing phase, an agreement was reached with a leading credit institution to issue subsidised loans (-3% compared to the standard rate), which at the time was the first time that loans were issued at a rate of less than 10%.



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