Milan, Via Lodovico Settala

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Milan, Via Lodovico Settala

With this project Pria has shown, once again, that it is ever present and that it is able and wants to listen to final users, giving them the opportunity to customise all housing to their demands during the construction phase

A historic building of old Milan approximately 400m from Porta Venezia and 500m from Repubblica has been resurrected, thanks to a real estate investment made by Pria in 2016.

A new look has been given to number 19 Via Lodovico Settala, located in the “new street food” area of Milan.

With this conservation-restoration project, in one of the historic urban areas of Milan, Pria split the previous 24 units, creating 41 new ones intended for a variety of uses: lofts, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, offices and two amazing penthouses; by renovating the roof space, it was also able to create 6 lofts, two of which annexed to the corresponding top floors.

The properties were sold finished, with luxury finishes and state-of-the-art installations.

Even though the tradition and originality of the courtyard were retained, a modern touch was given to the entrance hall, the common areas and the internal courtyard that, despite hosting parking spaces for cars and motorbikes, offers patches of green that breathe life and colour into the internal walls of the apartments.

90% of the properties were sold prior to the completion of the building work.


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