Parma, Via Gramsci – Via Fleming

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Parma, Via Gramsci – Via Fleming

The redevelopment of an abandoned area, a new range of final uses, an improvement in line with the times.

A redevelopment project of a large commercial complex in a state of abandonment is underway through Pria’s partnership with Aura Srl, via its subsidiary Priaura. The complex was acquired during insolvency procedures and is located in a semi-central zone of Parma in the vicinity of the Maggiore Hospital.

The company aims to enhance the entire area also by defining a range of new uses for the complex and to date an agreement has been reached with a leading distributor of the organised supply chain for the construction of a medium-scale sales structure, which is currently at the stage of setting up the construction site.

The construction of additional business units combined with accommodation facilities, gyms, car parks and restaurants is envisaged upon the conclusion of this complex urban-planning process.


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