Piacenza – Via Farnesiana

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Piacenza – Via Farnesiana

A great result in a new sector: an experience to be repeated

The purchase of a piece of land in Piacenza, through Pria’s subsidiary Priaura, led to the construction of a medium-scale retail building in an area of the city already part of a development plan, with great commercial potential.

In the structuring of the project, the property under construction was sold to a leading operator in the sector prior to the initiation of the building work, which was subsequently contracted out in order to guarantee the high quality standards required of its partner Aura.

The rapid development of the project and the ability to manage the significant changes requested by the Client meant that the value of the asset increased considerably through the opening of a Eurospin supermarket.

The technical and financial partnerships created between Pria and Aura were impressive, especially considering it was their “first attempt”, earning the trust of all the parties involved.


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