Pria has organised its activities into different phases, including: the study of the reference market; the specific analysis of real estate, also through the performance of technical and legal due diligence; the estimate of the work required in order to reposition the asset; and the urban-planning framework of the project.

Then, Pria assesses the purchasing methods of the asset (also using complex contractual formats) and defines a marketing plan targeted at its subsequent marketing.

Using tax optimisation processes, and, when possible, financial facility proposals, Pria guides the purchaser in the drafting of the notary deed of purchase through a precise and transparent contractual process.


Speed, strategy and development

Real estate trading consists of the purchasing of entire buildings with a view to their fractional sale in a short period of time.


Imagination, organisation, ability to dialogue

Real estate development consists of the acquisition of assets that require radical changes, with a view to the construction of new buildings to be subsequently sold.

Non-performing loans

Pioneers in the sector, highly-specialised know-how, reliability

The acquisition and/or management of non-performing loans is based on the possibility of increasing the value of real estate used as collateral.

Investment Club

New partners, opportunities, shared goals

The formation of an investment club is an opportunity for other investors (generally professional or institutional investors or family offices) to participate in Pria’s projects.

Mandates on behalf of third parties

Problem solving, trust, guaranteed results

The management of mandates on behalf of third parties is targeted at the owners of real estate held for sale, but burdened by various problems (tax, corporate, debt and succession-related, etc.).

Hotel investments

Support, growth, profitability

The hotel investments made by Pria aim to create a portfolio of income-earning properties in the tourist accommodation sector, in the medium to long-term.