Our people

The true backbone of Pria is its people, who with their loyalty and perseverance have made it thrive from its beginnings until today.

They are the added value of the business: a group of partners and team members whose professionalism converge in the common goal to stand out due to their qualitative and professional approach, with transparent management and the trust of those working in the sector. Pria’s reliability stems from these principles, essential for all its employees, as a testimony to its strong focus on the achievement of goals.

The founder

Dott. Giorgio Haupt

Professionalism, Prestige and Portfolio: the three “P”s are the cornerstones of Pria’s success

Pria’s history begins with Giorgio Haupt, the founder, president and very soul of the company, who shared his knowledge with all of his partners. As a businessman specialised in insurance and finance, head of the leading company Base H, he guided the evolution of his business, coming up with the concept of Pria, a solid company in the real estate sector, thanks to the values that he shared with his colleagues. Precision, desire to grow, transparency and energy went from being lessons of life to the pillars on which Pria’s company policy is based.


Andrea Haupt

The important thing is to always do better

Born into the trade as the successor of Pria’s founder Giorgio Haupt, Andrea Haupt today is the face and strategic spirit of Pria more than ever before, playing a fully active role as chief executive officer of the company and coordinating all aspects of the various projects. Graduating with a law degree with a major in economics, he has developed his wide range of financial and administrative skills directly on the job alongside his father, the real estate developer and economist.

With this background Andrea Haupt evolved into a person that is versatile and highly-skilled in strategic management: a point of reference within the company and to its counterparts.

Battista Spagnoli

Closing projects under a tight schedule is my speciality

Battista Spagnoli played a key role in the establishment of Pria and in its growth, implementing an innovative marketing method that enabled the company to achieve outstanding results right from the beginning, both in terms of the creation of value and the timing of its projects.

With his in-depth market knowledge from a business perspective, his role in Pria meant that “impossible projects” became successful projects: one of Pria’s great assets.

Maurizio Poggio

Giorgio Haupt was my mentor

With a strong background in engineering, Maurizio Poggio plays an entrepreneurial role in Pria, actively participating in the contractual and commercial phases of the company’s activities. Joining Base H while at university, he grasped the opportunity to alternate study with the work offered to him by Giorgio Haupt, from whom he learned all the secrets of the trade and which he still draws on today.

His long-lasting collaboration with Andrea Haupt has created unexpected synergies.

La sua storica collaborazione con Andrea Haupt ha permesso di creare inattese sinergie.

Our team

Federica Poggio, member of the BoD since 2014, manages and supervises the technical side of development projects, interacting with final clients, as a representative of the seller. In parallel with her role within the company, she is a partner and acts as a supervisor in a large architecture firm, where she works alongside real estate developers, construction companies and investors, providing them with reliable data on the national real estate sector.

She has been registered with the Architects, Planners, Landscape Designers and Conservationists Association of the Province of Milan since 2011.

With his legal and economic background, Luca Bozzano assists Andrea Haupt in the drafting of contracts and in the legal and administrative aspects of the business.

After working in the past with Pria from 2003 to 2007, he gained significant experience up to 2015 in Yard in the assessment sector and as an advisor, returning to work for the group full-time, and is also responsible for the company’s image and communications.


The company’s administration, historically based in Genoa, has recently been moved to the new offices in Milan and counts on the solid experience of Micaela Rulli, both for the accounting part and for the management of the budget and control activities. 

In carrying out her duties, Micaela is assisted by Daniela Bruni, responsible for the secretariat of the Milan office.

Daniela Bruni
Micaela Rulli

Board of Directors

Andrea Haupt


Maurizio Poggio


Federica Poggio


Battista Spagnoli


Board of Statutory Auditors

Mauro Rovida


Francesco Illuzzi

Statutory Auditor

Alessandro Terragna

Statutory Auditor


Audit Firm

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