Who we are

Pria is an investment and real estate development company, born in Genoa with headquarters in Milan. Its goal is to increase the value of residential, commercial, office and hotel real estate, in major strategic locations in Italy and abroad, also through the management of non-performing loans and the creation of investment clubs.

Thanks to the experience of its founders and a carefully-selected group of staff and partners, Pria tackles the complexities of the Real Estate market using consolidated and highly-specialised know-how.

The financial credibility enjoyed by Pria is the result of its established and efficient presence in the sector and its ability to operate transparently and reliably throughout every stage of the process.

Our history

The choice to stay small in the midst of the big players has made us who we are today

Pria was set up in 1991 by Giorgio Haupt, a Genovese businessman active in the financial and real estate sector, who brought together a group of professionals and investors in the sector.

In Genoa, Pria means “stone”, representing, in a nutshell, the soundness and strength of real estate investment.

Our people

The human element is key to how PRIA works and, to this day, is the main reason for our success

Pria has the necessary know-how to follow the entire process of real estate management and development, basing its success on the multi-disciplinary expertise of its founders, Andrea Haupt, Battista Spagnoli and Maurizio Poggio.

The additional contribution of the specific skills of its highly-motivated team, who come from legal, financial, project design and business backgrounds, ensure that Pria’s work is able to stand out for its efficiency and high quality.

Our mission

We strive to make a strong impression: we are very serious about everything we do. Pria is a product of itself

The optimisation of results in terms of quality and quantity, while adhering to strict deadlines, is what sets Pria’s modus operandi apart.

By controlling all stages of the real estate enhancement process, Pria creates a relationship of transparency and trust with its counterparts.

Our partners

The best adventures are those that are shared

In order to benefit from the best available expertise in specific fields, Pria works with other partners in the development of new projects.